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High-end real estate has been on the rise in Quebec for several years. Yet in the not-so-distant past, luxury residences were reserved for a handful... Read more
Are you looking for your next residence? Or maybe you just like looking at different house designs to pass the time? Either way, this article is... Read more
2021 was marked by intense real estate activity, and the real estate markets of the Greater Montreal Region have not escaped this upheaval. Despite a slowdown... Read more
After an incredibly dynamic year for the real estate market in 2020 and 2021, what will 2022 be? Overheating, overbidding and... Read more
As homes grew more spacious in North America and the size of the outdoor lots got smaller, some people responded by moving to smaller... Read more
Do you know about mini houses? Inspired by this concept of miniature housing, here are the mini cottages! Perfect for those who are... Read more
Ever considered buying or renting a condo, but never decided to make the leap? Looking for a new place to call home? Or maybe you're just curious... Read more
Have you come to the conclusion that your current neighbourhood isn't fulfilling your needs and that you'd like to move to a new area? What about the... Read more
The field of real estate is quite complicated and it can be difficult to navigate as a rookie. Even though several experts are there to help us... Read more
In the central areas of Montreal, many people live in condos or townhouses. This type of residence is adapted to the densely populated areas where... Read more
We are continuing our series of articles about the most incredible homes in Quebec by presenting 10 cottages and vacation homes that make us want to look... Read more
In the beginning, we thought we'd write an article about the most beautiful homes in Quebec, representing all styles. However, as we carried out... Read more
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