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Show Transcript

Whether for a first purchase, an investment or a refinancing project, a mortgage broker can present you with several different options to find the one that is right for you. After all, thousands of dollars may be at stake. Therefore, it is imperative that you be able to optimize your investment and to take out the most advantageous loan according to your situation. XpertSource.com has qualified mortgage brokers to guide you towards the best options for your project.

Looking to finance your first real estate investment or refinance your mortgage? This type of project costs thousands of dollars, hence the idea of working with a professional who will guide you. The mortgage broker will present several financial offers to choose the best rate according to your situation.

Whatever your investment project is about, we will put you in contact with brokerage specialists to find you an advantageous mortgage loan.

Looking to hire a mortgage broker to finance your real estate project? Trust the experts at Xpertsource.com

Finding a mortgage at the best rate available requires comparing packages offered by several financial institutions. The mortgage broker takes care of this job for you. Before we go on, it must be noted that one should not confuse the mortgage broker, who offers the products of several lenders, and the mortgage solicitor or representative who represents the products of a single financial institution.

The mortgage broker will be your intermediary with the different lenders (financial institution or private lender). They are highly familiar with the specificities and criteria of each bank and will guide you to the financial institution that best suits your needs.

Mortgage brokers offer their services for free, as they are paid by the banks every time they find a new client. Knowing this, why deprive yourself of professional expertise for your mortgage project?

Xpertsource.com: an online quote service that helps you find mortgage brokers for your investment project

By using the Xpertsource.com platform, you save valuable time in terms of search and verification. The mortgage brokers in our network are qualified and have all the accreditations necessary to practice their profession.

Although real estate brokerage has been in place for some years, in Quebec, the profession has only been governed by the Real Estate Brokerage Act since few years. Mortgage brokers are now also required to hold a valid business license. AMF or the "Authority" is mandated by the Government of Québec to regulate Québec’s financial markets and assist consumers, which ensures that you are protected in the event of litigation.

Send us the details of your investment project and you will receive several quotes from brokers who will help you find a suitable mortgage. We take quality control of our brokers seriously and only refer brokers who offer full satisfaction to our clients.

The mission of the mortgage broker:

  • A mortgage broker is a good negotiator and will always try to get you the best rate by negotiating the terms of the loan for you.
  • This mortgage expert has very good knowledge of the financial and mortgage system. They accompany you during all stages of the process to find a suitable solution and help you to see more clearly in the highly complex field of mortgage loans.
  • They guide you and assist you in taking care of the various administrative documents for each financial institution. For example, the broker can help you obtain a credit pre-authorization, a document that lets you know if you are eligible for a mortgage loan and get an approximate idea of the amount that banks can give you.
  • A mortgage broker will compare different financial institutions by disclosing only your financial information, never your identity. On the other hand, if you shop for your mortgage yourself you will have no choice but to make your identity known, at the risk of tainting your credit report in case of refusal.
  • The broker saves you time and money, since they will make appointments with mortgage lenders for you. A task that requires time and energy and may not be appropriate for your schedule.

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