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You have a particular project or need that has to be fulfilled and currently don’t know who you should be contacting. You don’t know what criteria you should apply in order to be able to trust the person or company you will eventually choose. Or, you simply don’t have the time and desire to do a lot of research and would like to rapidly find trusted professionals who will meet your search criteria. 

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Let us know more about what you need by answering the questions included in the form. Allow between 60 and 80 seconds to fill out the form. The more precise you are, the more precise we can be when choosing the professionals we will be referring to you. In order to help you, we may contact you by email to ask for clarifications. We will target the right professionals according to your criteria and location.

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You will be in touch with 3 professionals in the field that concerns you. These experts have been verified and approved by Our mandate is to offer you pre-qualified specialists to simplify your research process. You will then have the opportunity to select the professional of your choice among those presented.​

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