Frequently Asked Questions !

Are you an Expert?

Do you have a question?

How can I get in contact with experts?

You can use our online form to tell us about what you are looking for or you can contact us directly by phone (514-201-6947 or toll-free at 1-833-203-7768) and we will assist you. Once we have received your project information, we will send it to our best local experts and they will contact you.

How much does it cost?

This service is entirely free for you. The professionals cover the cost for this service. They only pay a fixed fee per project  They pay no commission on the jobs they sign. Therefore, they can remain competitive and offer you a reasonable price. The business model between and the experts may vary slightly depending on the type of service offered by the expert and the regulations put in place by his professional order.

How can I be assured of the quality level of the experts that you have referred to me?

To become part of the network, professionals and specialists must go through a selection process.

  • Licences

In many fields, the experts that we refer must be a part of and be approved by the professional order of their sector of activity. This is the case in the field of law, finance, real estate and health. We check each license before accepting an expert in our network.

  • References and past record

We systematically check the expert's record at the Office of Consumer Protection and the BBB. We make sure that there are no past prosecutions or strange spots on their file.

  • Quality of service

We send surveys to people who have used our services so that they can evaluate their experience and the expert they have chosen. 

  • Professionalism

We take into account the comments we receive about the experts we refer. 

  • Geographic proximity

This is one of the factors taken into account when your project is being analyzed and sent to the experts.

  • The qualification of YOUR needs

The type of service you select creates an automatic filter and allows us to refer you to specialists who operate in the field that corresponds to your needs.

Am I obligated to choose one of the professionals you have referred to me?

The choice is entirely up to you: you can pick any professional you want.

How many professionals will contact me for my project?

Your project and the specific aspects regarding your needs are all different from each other. It is difficult to predict how many referrals we can guarantee. In general, you can expect to be put in touch with 3 professionals. At times, for specific reasons and specific services, we may not be able to help you directly. In those situations, we will offer you temporary alternatives and we will continue to grow our network to serve you better next time.

How can I transmit my evaluation of the professional's service?

We carry out quality control through a sampling process. If you have not been contacted, we would be happy to hear your comments. In doing so, you will benefit many other customers who have needs similar to yours.

What is your privacy policy?

Your information is protected and will only be shared with the professionals who will be referred to you. You can check out our privacy policy for more information.

Why are you asking for my contact information?

Your contact information allows us to help carry out your project. The contact information for the professionals who are interested in your project will be sent to you by e-mail. By having your phone number, we can call you to discuss the specific details relating to your project. Once your project has been entered into our system, this phone number will be sent to the professionals who are looking to set up a meeting with you.

Why do I need to explain my project in so much detail?

Many professionals have a very specific expertise. For example, some real estate brokers may specialize in multi-housing units or in the commercial field. If we know that you are looking for a single-family home, we will be able to optimize the referrals that we send to you.

Who are you and what exactly do you do?

We are a private company that connects professionals from different fields with clients. We are dedicated to growing our network of experts and we are committed to filtering the quality of the experts you will be in contact with. Our mission is to assist you in the process of selecting the professionals you hire. We offer a fast, reliable and free service.

What is the delay to get reached?

On average, it takes 48 hours to receive calls from experts. Subsequently, the execution time of the service varies according to the type of project, the availability of the expert and your own availability. Therefore, we suggest that you notify us in advance of the delay or the amount of time required to complete the service. The experts who contact you will have a better understanding of your situation.

What happens if I have a problem with a professional?

Unfortunately, since we process tens of thousands of projects every year, on rare occasions, things may not go as planned. As soon as you see a problematic situation arising, you have to act quickly. In the beginning, try to find an amicable agreement with the professional, to make sure the whole thing is not a misunderstanding.

Professionals who are part of the's network are certified, so you will have several recourses if ever a dispute arises. 

Lastly, is associated with an organization that helps people send demand letters, gives access to an online negotiation platform and provides affordable lawyer services to discuss your case. If you are experiencing a problematic situation with a professional we have referred to you, we will be able to put you in touch with this organization and will assume some costs (in certain situations).