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Thinking of buying a property in Quebec City, but hesitating because of the cost involved? Do not worry: there is financial aid that could help... Read more
Do you want to buy a property in Montreal? As you know, this is a huge expense. In addition, it is no longer a secret that homeownership is a difficult... Read more
Over the past thirty years or so in North America, homes have been growing in size while the size of the outdoor lots has been shrinking. This... Read more
Do you know about mini houses? Inspired by this concept of miniature housing, here are the mini cottages! Perfect for those who are ready... Read more
Ever considered buying or renting a condo, but never decided to make the leap? Looking for a new place to call home? Or maybe you're just curious... Read more
Imagine that you are actively looking for your next home. After several visits, you finally come across a property that you like and that meets... Read more
For many of us, staying in close contact with our loved ones really matters. Whether it be the care of our parents or grandparents, or simply the... Read more
Knowing the market value of a property can be practical, even necessary, in many situations. For instance, it allows you to ask for a fair price... Read more
Are you interested in buying a condominium? One of the first things to consider when investing in this type of property is to determine the type... Read more
The buying process is divided into several stages, all more important than the others. If you are in the... Read more
Most first-time homebuyers tend to underestimate the real costs of buying a property. However, by doing the proper calculations and setting aside... Read more
Ready to buy your first home? Since the purchase of a property represents a very large investment, avoiding making mistakes by choosing... Read more
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