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Are you ready to take the plunge and buy a house? Whether it's your first real estate investment or you're already a homeowner, buying a property... Read more
When it's time to move houses, it's perfectly normal to think about both the house that will soon become our new home and its interior and exterior... Read more
Fancy moving into a condo? If you have already started your search, you probably know that condominiums come in all different shapes and sizes!... Read more
Given the substantial increase in housing prices in recent months, it is fair to wonder whether home ownership is still worthwhile. With the significant... Read more
Is it better to buy or to rent a house? Neither of these options offers a definitive answer to this age-old question. The truth is that each of... Read more
Whether you are planning to purchase a new or existing home, the pre-purchase inspection is necessary to be sure of the property’s condition.... Read more
Whether you are a future buyer, seller or just an owner, a building inspection can avoid many unpleasant surprises. No one likes to have to do... Read more
Are you thinking of buying a property in the city of Sherbrooke, but the financial burden that this decision implies makes you hesitate? Be aware... Read more
Thinking of buying a property in Quebec City, but hesitating because of the cost involved? Do not worry: there is financial aid that could help... Read more
Do you want to buy a property in Montreal? As you know, this is a huge expense. In addition, it is no longer a secret that homeownership is a difficult... Read more
As homes grew more spacious in North America and the size of the outdoor lots got smaller, some people responded by moving to smaller... Read more
Do you know about mini houses? Inspired by this concept of miniature housing, here are the mini cottages! Perfect for those who are... Read more
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