Frequently Asked Questions !

You are looking for a professional?

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How can I sign up for your service?

To open an account with us, you simply have to fill out the form which is available online, or you can contact us directly by phone 1 (833) 203 7768.

What are the requirements to be a part of the network?

We are selective regarding the professionals that are a part of our network. The customers that we refer know that you have been pre-qualified. Certain fields require that professionals be accredited by the Order of Professionals in their sector of activity. We systematically check your file to make sure that this is your case. For certain types of services, we ask that you have a valid civil liability insurance. Finally, we check whether you have a good reputation with the OPC (or BBB) and that you have not lost a lawsuit in recent years. We also conduct an investigation regarding your reputation on the internet.

If you want, you can send us several relevant referrals from past clients. They will be available to your potential customers.

How much does your service cost?

Signing up for is free. You only pay for the projects you are interested in. In general, the price varies between $0 and $1 000 for the majority of projects. We do not ask for any commission or percentage. The business model may however vary depending on your profession and the regulations put in place by your professionnal order.

In any case, you will never be bound to our service by a contract and you will retain full control over your account. In certain rare cases, we may terminate your account.

How does the service work?

Customers land on our website and fill out the form, where they describe their project and indicate their needs. Next, our team validates the project and sends it to the database. Whenever a client has a project which is in your area and is within the services that you offer, you will receive an email informing you about this project. This message will include basic information, such as a brief description of the work to be done, the geographical location and the time delay to know when the client is looking to complete the project.

If you click “yes” and accept the project, we will send you a more detailed description of the project, including the client’s name, phone number, email, and full address so you can contact them directly in order to offer your services.  

Does it REALLY work?

YES ! A Result Guarantee has been put in place to prove that the service really works. By investing with you are GUARANTEED to at least double the return on your investment. *In other words, every $ 1 invested will generate a minimum of $ 2 gross for you. And it's guaranteed! *
Depending on your area of ​​business, certain conditions apply. All the details are in your dashboard.
** All the projects you accept will not translate into a mandate **

How many professionals are referred for each project?

This number will vary from 1 to 3. If you accept a project, try to contact the client as soon as possible in order to maximize your chances of setting up a meeting and eventually, signing a contract. Some clients bring their projects to fruition within a few weeks, or even a few months. It is very important to have a management tool that allows you to do quality monitoring . Contact us, we can offer you management tools on the web according to your reality and your needs.

However, the number of professionals referred by our platform is always limited to a maximum of 3. Clients usually receive between 2 offers. 

How can I increase the number of clients that are referred to me?

We use a wide set of criteria to determine the rankings of the professionals. Here are a few tips you can use to get more clients: (1) When we send a client, you should answer quickly (2) Offer a detailed proposition which shows that you consider the client’s needs. Having a fair price will help you sign more contracts (3) Make sure that your client gives you a good rating when we contact them through our Quality Control program (4) Offer high-quality service. (5) Ask your account manager if packages are available in your area.