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Thinking of buying a property in Quebec City, but hesitating because of the cost involved? Do not worry: there is financial aid that could help... Read more
Do you want to buy a property in Montreal? As you know, this is a huge expense. In addition, it is no longer a secret that homeownership is a difficult... Read more
Imagine that you are actively looking for your next home. After several visits, you finally come across a property that you like and that meets... Read more
Knowing the market value of a property can be practical, even necessary, in many situations. For instance, it allows you to ask for a fair price... Read more
When a separation or divorce occurs, sorting out what belongs to one spouse or the other can be tricky, especially when a house and a mortgage... Read more
Before you begin your real estate search, it is a good idea to get pre-approved for a mortgage. This is the first step in the buying... Read more
When time comes to sell your property, finding the optimal selling price may prove to be a challenge. When in doubt, many people are inclined to rely on... Read more
Most first-time homebuyers tend to underestimate the real costs of buying a property. However, by doing the proper calculations and setting aside... Read more
For most people, investing in real estate is a source of anxiety and stress. Making the right decision on a major project, which in most cases... Read more
In the past, it was possible to get a mortgage loan with no cash down to buy a property. But since 2012, the government has imposed a 5% minimum... Read more
At, we know that it can be complicated to understand all the issues and terminology related to mortgages. Mortgage loan, closed,... Read more
Real estate transactions involve several financial decisions, as well as various costs associated with the transaction. Although what immediately... Read more
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