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The buying process is divided into several stages, all more important than the others. If you are in the... Read more
Most first-time homebuyers tend to underestimate the real costs of buying a property. However, by doing the proper calculations and setting aside... Read more
Ready to buy your first home? Since the purchase of a property represents a very large investment, avoiding making mistakes by choosing... Read more
For most people, investing in real estate is a source of anxiety and stress. Making the right decision on a major project, which in most cases... Read more
Are you thinking about selling your home soon? You probably have a ton of questions regarding the commission rate that you will have to pay to... Read more
Note: we will be updating this article according to the current recommendations issued by the government. The information that is written here... Read more
Unless the house you are coveting is in a particularly desirable area, chances are you will be negotiating its sale price. Generally, the reduction... Read more
Selling a property is not always easy. Whether it’s having to gather all the documents, looking for potential buyers or managing visits, many... Read more
Buying a property is no small task and many people feel lost in the process, without knowing where to start. This is even more true for people... Read more
Since 2009, the tax credit for first time home buyers (FTHB) has been available through the federal government. This tax relief is part of a set... Read more
The moment to become a homeowner has finally arrived and you’re asking yourself questions about the property you are about to buy? It must be... Read more
When buying a house or a condo, the initial visit to the property is very important. This is the moment when you will be able to analyze the premises... Read more
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