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Do you have a real estate project in mind? This is a large-scale project that requires the expertise of a real estate broker with a lot of experience in the field. XpertSource.com has qualified professionals who can carry out all your projects

Residential - Condominium – Multi-apartment - Commercial - Rental - Agricultural - Land and plots - Industrial

Need a broker to buy or sell real estate? This type of project costs thousands of dollars, hence the idea of calling on an experienced professional who is familiar with the workings of the profession. The real estate broker works with you throughout the negotiation process, until the conclusion of the sale which is done if front of a notary.

In the case of a real estate sale, the broker will estimate the value of the property, gather all the necessary documents, market and promote the property. Whatever your real estate project entails, we put you in touch with brokerage specialists to buy or sell a property.

Looking to hire a broker to buy or sell real estate? Trust the experts at Xpertsource.com

Acquiring a property requires comparing several offers to find one that meets your specific needs. Real estate brokerage is a widespread practice in Canada and will be very useful if don’t have a lot of free time to take on this project, or if this is your first real estate investment.

When you are selling a property, the broker will help you to show off your property and will share advice for the negotiation of the sale. Their role is also to manage the questions of potential buyers and to coordinate visits.

In terms of compensation, the seller of the property pays a commission to their broker when the sale is completed. However, if you are the buyer, you will have absolutely nothing to pay. In this case, why deprive yourself of professional expertise for your real estate project?

Xpertsource.com: an online quote service that helps you find brokers for your real estate project

By using the Xpertsource.com platform, you save valuable time in terms of research and verifications. Real estate brokers in our network are qualified and have all the accreditations necessary to practice their profession.

In Quebec, real estate brokers are required to hold a valid license from the OACIQ, which ensures that you will be protected in the event of litigation. Other provinces have different organizations which oversee the profession, such as the Real Estate Council of Ontario or the Saskatchewan Real Estate Commission.

Send us the details of your real estate purchase or sale project and you will receive several quotes from brokers who can take on your project. We take quality control of our brokers seriously and we only refer brokers who offer full satisfaction to our clients.

5 factors to choose a real estate broker:

• A real estate broker must comply with the legal obligations of the province by possessing a license from the Quebec OACIQ (or other organizations in other provinces). This organization's mission is to protect customers looking to sell, buy, rent or finance the purchase of a property through a real estate broker.

• The real estate expert will have to be familiar with the coveted residential sector. Prioritize brokers that have already managed several transactions in the targeted neighbourhood. As for checking about their reliability, do not hesitate to ask for referrals from past clients.

• Real estate brokerage is, by its very nature, a highly competitive field with a high turnover rate, so make sure your broker has a good number of years of experience in the residential sector where you are looking to buy.

• Real estate brokers often have a taste for the unknown and like to take on challenges, so be sure to check their performance by asking them questions about successful deals they completed over the last few months.

• Another aspect to consider is the availability of the broker. For this reason, it is recommended that you make sure that they will have enough time for you before you reach an agreement.

Visit our blog section for more information on real estate brokerage and for more real estate investment advice.

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