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It is crucial to maintain a good credit rating if you decide to look for a mortgage for a real estate purchase (or any other venture for that matter).... Read more
Finding favourable mortgage terms is an essential aspect of any real estate project. With the help of a mortgage broker, shopping for different... Read more
Buying a home involves many steps. Among these steps is mortgage pre-approval, a step that is sometimes neglected, but one which is nevertheless... Read more
Whether you want to buy a house, a condo, a duplex or a multi-unit building, you will necessarily need to have an amount set aside for your down... Read more
On October 27, 2021, Bank of Canada announced that it would maintain its key rate at the lowest level of 0.25%, in effect since March 2020. However,... Read more
The purchase of real estate will undoubtedly be one of the most important investments of your life because of the costs involved and the time you... Read more
By becoming owners, many people give up their personal or professional projects for lack of means, but especially because of the debt generated... Read more
Did you know that at the end of their term, many people decide to renew their mortgage exactly as it was, without even trying to improve their... Read more
Cancellation, release or discharge of mortgage are common terms used to describe being released from the rights exercised by your lender on your... Read more
Are you looking to purchase some property? If so, you're likely aware that the acquisition process requires input from several experts and involves... Read more
It's the perfect time to invest in real estate. But before you can purchase a home, you'll likely need to get a mortgage. You'll be committing... Read more
If you've ever had to take out a mortgage to purchase a home, you've likely heard of mortgage loan insurance. Most buyers today need to purchase... Read more
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