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May 9, 2022reading time icon5 min

4 criteria for choosing a neighbourhood when buying a house

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4 criteria for choosing a neighbourhood when buying a house
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When it's time to move houses, it's perfectly normal to think about both the house that will soon become our new home and its interior and exterior appearance. Moreover, it is not uncommon to have a very precise list of criteria in mind. But what about the neighbourhood?

The neighbourhood or area you choose to live in will have a major impact on your quality of life. It is certainly not something to be overlooked. Here are 4 criteria to help you choose the ideal neighbourhood for you!

1. Proximity to your workplace

While some of us do not have any difficulty commuting 2 hours every day on public transport to get to work, this obviously does not apply to everyone. So, if you want to work near your place of residence, you will have to choose your new neighbourhood with this very specific criterion in mind.

Choose a neighborhood near your workplace

Calculate the time required for your daily commute from the neighbourhoods that interest you. This will allow you to make an informed choice!

Do you like cycling to work in the morning to avoid crowded buses? If possible, consider a neighbourhood with a cycling path. You can then enjoy the great outdoors before you start your day! Moreover, note that buying a house located near a cycling path will help to increase the value of your property. Pretty interesting, isn't it?

2. A sector adapted to your family's needs

Every parent knows the importance of choosing a neighbourhood that can meet the diverse needs of their children. Finding a neighbourhood with a school (primary or secondary) or a daycare is obviously an advantage.

Although this is not always possible, it is a significant benefit. You'll be able to quickly take your child to and pick up your child from school and, even better, they may even be able to get there on their own when they are old enough to do so.

Consider the needs of your family when choosing your neighborhood

In addition to this, the importance of choosing a neighbourhood with one or more parks should not be underestimated. Whether you've decided to buy a house or a condo, keep in mind that being able to go to the park with your kids, arriving in just a few minutes and without having to drive there, is highly convenient.

What's more, your kids will enjoy the outdoors and have fun (at no cost) without having to travel to the other side of the world!

3. The type of residence or house you are looking for

It is important to note that from one neighbourhood to another, the type and proportion of houses will differ. This is why in order to choose your neighbourhood, you must first be able to determine the type of housing that suits you.

Not only will this choice be based on practical considerations, such as the space required to accommodate your entire family and the presence or absence of a backyard or swimming pool, but also in terms of your budget.

Choosing a neighborhood depending on the type of property

Some neighbourhoods may have a large number of expensive properties which could potentially limit your chance of finding a home within your budget. It is therefore absolutely essential to take the latter into account in order to target a suitable neighbourhood.

4. Your lifestyle

Do you prefer living close to the countryside or do you enjoy going out dancing until the early hours of the morning? Questioning your lifestyle and what you need to be happy every day is essential to choosing your future neighbourhood.

The lifestyle in the neighborhood

It all comes down to your personality! The most active of us certainly need to be surrounded by multiple sources of entertainment (cinemas, theatres, restaurants, etc.). For the more introverted, a less noisy neighbourhood farther away from urban centers would, of course, be more suitable. 

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