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10 magnificent luxury houses located in quebec

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10 magnificent luxury houses located in quebec
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High-end real estate has been on the rise in Quebec for several years. Yet in the not-so-distant past, luxury residences were reserved for a handful of members of the upper middle class. Now, more and more people are affording large houses designed by famous architects.

You can find everything in the catalog of prestigious houses, from the manor house inspired by the great castles of Europe to the ultra-modern residence inspired by the precepts of the great Frank Lloyd Wright.

In this series, we have already presented several types of residences, namely beautiful condos, welcoming chalets and contemporary houses. Today, we are going to present 10 houses whose architecture and decor evoke luxury and elegance.

1) De la montagne residence

Luxury residence in Quebec 1

Luxury residence in Quebec 2

Luxury residence in Quebec 3

Luxury residence in Quebec 4

Design firm: Ainsley Design

Located at: St-Joseph du Lac

Year Built: 2018

Photo Credit: Ainsley Design

We're starting the list with a home that isn't the size of a mansion, but still spreads an aura of luxury and sophistication. The decor was designed by a renowned interior design firm. This one is full to the brim with touches of originality, including the wall covering which spans the length of the staircase, the coloured decorative elements of the living room, and the wooden slats which stretch across the kitchen ceiling

2) The Richelieu river

Luxury home 1

Luxury home 2

Luxury home 3

Luxury home

Architectural firm: Mario Adornetto

Located at: Carignan

Year built: 2015

Photo credit: Sothebys

In this series, we have already published an article about the most beautiful contemporary houses. This house could certainly have been on the list! Considering the size of the property, we instead decided to put it on this list of luxury homes.

Large properties are often associated with a more classic and highly ornate architectural style. However, there is an increasingly varied architectural diversity in luxury real estate. This magnificent property was designed by architect/designer Mario Adornetto, known for his daring, yet timeless designs.

3) St-Hippolyte project

Prestige house in St-Hippolyte 1

Prestige house in St-Hippolyte 2

Prestige house in St-Hippolyte 3

Prestige house in St-Hippolyte 4

Architectural firm: Catlin Stothers Design

Located at: St-Hippolyte

Year built: 2015

Photo credit: Catlin Stothers

In this property located in the heart of the countryside, contemporary architecture rubs shoulders with rustic-style decor. Calm reigns in all the rooms of the house, from the entrance hallway to the master bedroom, including the bathroom and the kitchen, where the occupants enjoy a beautiful view of the exterior landscape. When you live in a beautiful natural environment, you must make the most of it and that is what has been planned in this magnificent residence.

4) Residence Hemmingford

Prestige residence 1

Prestige residence 2

Prestige residence 3

Prestige residence 4

Architectural firm: Simard Architecture

Located at: Hemmingford

Photo credit: Stéphane Brügger

This house would easily find its place in the Hollywood mountains, with large mansions owned by celebrities. However, it is instead located in Hemmingford, in the heart of the Montérégie countryside. This is another contemporary architectural concept where the natural environment is highlighted with large windows as well as a set of organic materials including wood and stone.

Building a large house often makes it possible to dare to integrate structures with bold shapes and this is the case in this house, where the stairwell is completely open and where the floor of the corridor on the second floor is glazed.

5) Residence of the Tournaments

Beautiful luxury house 1

Beautiful luxury house 2

Beautiful luxury house 3

Beautiful luxury house 4

Beautiful luxury house 5

Architectural firm: Martin Dufour Architecte

Located at: Blainville

Year built: 2013

Photo credit: Ulysse Lemerise

Once again, the stereotype that prestigious houses must adopt a classic and overloaded decor is disproven. The exterior layout is pretty, but rather understated. It is inside that we discover touches of bright colours, an airy floor plan and spaces that exude joy.

It is the third photo that particularly caught our attention, with the beautiful visual play that unfolds between the view of the kitchen, the staircase, the windows and the small storage shelves that accommodate the children's toys that are part of this collection.

6) New England Residence

Grey luxury house 1

Grey luxury house 2

Grey luxury house 3

Grey luxury house 4

Architectural firm: Desjardins Bhérer

Located at: Magog region

Year Built: 2013

Photo Credit: Paul-André Larocque

It is rare to see a decor based on a single colour and its different shades that is successful. Grey is in the spotlight here, but the house we see in these photos is by no means dull! The play of lighting, the varied textures and the decorative accents add a warm touch imbued with softness.

What emanates from the images is an impression of softness, understatedness and elegance. Additionally, you may find that we use the word "daring" too much to describe the homes featured in this series, but we sincerely believe that the architectural and aesthetic choices made for this home are bold.

7) The workshop

Pretty luxury house in Quebec 1

Pretty luxury house in Quebec 2

Pretty luxury house in Quebec  3

Pretty luxury house in Quebec 4

Pretty luxury house in Quebec  5

Architectural firm: Les Ensembliers

Located in: Montreal

Year built: 2018

Photo credit: Paul Raeside

We go completely elsewhere in terms of style of decor and furnishings. In this Montreal home designed and furnished by the firm Les Ensembliers, we find elements of "rococo", bright colours and impressive antiques, worthy of the decorations of the time of Louis XVI, such as this majestic bed installed in the master bedroom.

Alive and ornate without being overloaded, this interior evokes luxury and elegance while incorporating a nice layer of whimsy that keeps the whole thing from being too pretentious. This is a very interesting planning tactic for those who love luxury properties, but don't want to take themselves too seriously in everyday life!

8) Town Villa

Luxury villa 1

Luxury villa 2

Luxury villa 3

Luxury villa 4

Architectural firm: Architem (Wolff Shapiro Kuskowski architects) and Scott Yetman

Located in: Montreal

Photo credit: Architem

This city villa was designed through a collaboration between the architectural firm Architem and the highly regarded interior designer Scott Yetman. The result: huge rooms, but not intimidating. The different sections of the villa have been designed to create atmospheres that vary according to the needs and desires of the occupants, but all imbued with a feeling of calm and beneficial light.

During the day, it is in the pretty indoor/outdoor swimming pool that we take advantage of the beautiful natural light and in the evening, we discover a very pleasant, subdued atmosphere near the magnificent cellar. What better way to end the day on a high note?

9) Abercorn Residence

Beautiful prestige residence 1

Beautiful prestige residence 2

Beautiful prestige residence 3

Beautiful prestige residence 4

Beautiful prestige residence 5

Architectural firm: Tux Creative and Guillaume Kukucka

Located at: Abercorn

Photo credit: Maxime Brouillet

In this large house located near the village of Abercorn, the interior layout is designed to create a nice balance between the rooms, while offering ambience that differs depending on where you are. Sometimes we have the impression of being in a contemporary art gallery, in a restaurant kitchen or in an artist's living room. The common point that unites all these elements is the creative spirit that emanates from these arrangements.

We particularly appreciate the combination of raw concrete and warm wood in the bedroom and in the basement.

10) Léry

Prestigious house 1

Prestigious house 2

Prestigious house 3

Prestigious house  4

Prestigious house  5

Design firm: Lux Décor

Located at: Léry

Photo credit: Lux Décor

Often, in prestigious real estate, we see houses with decorations worthy of decoration magazines or the most beautiful Pinterest accounts. Here is an example of a house where the decor is particularly successful. Modern, adorned with a few touches of colour, but all in all quite understated, the style of decor is suited to the tastes of many people, especially those who prefer a more classic layout.

We are showing just four photos of the interior of this great house, and we can already see how creative the designers have been. We invite you to follow the link below to see more and to find some design ideas for your future home, whether or not it is a large mansion!

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