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Jun 4, 2020reading time icon9 min

10 most beautiful cottages and vacation homes in quebec

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10 most beautiful cottages and vacation homes in quebec
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We are continuing our series of articles about the most incredible homes in Quebec by presenting 10 cottages and vacation homes that make us want to look for our own beautiful holiday home. The cottages we have selected were designed by architects who are creative and mindful about the environment in which they are building structures and who also put some thought into the comfort of the occupants.

After the most beautiful contemporary homes, here is a list of 10 cottages and vacation homes that architecture and real estate lovers will enjoy!

1) La Binocle
Chalet Nature Humaine 01

Chalet Nature Humaine 03

Chalet Nature Humaine 02

Chalet Nature Humaine 04

Architecture firm: Nature Humaine 
Located in: Eastern townships
Built in: 2018
Photo credit: Adrien Williams

For those who are looking for a peaceful haven that is designed to be in harmony with nature, here is a cottage that inspires calm and contemplation. Full height windows offer a breathtaking view of the surrounding hills and mountains. In both summer and winter, this is a perfect place to take a break over a few days or even months!

2) La Maison Haute

Chalet Pierre Thibault 01

Chalet Pierre Thibault 02

Chalet Pierre Thibault 03

Chalet Pierre Thibault 04

Architecture firm: Pierre Thibault 
Located in: Lac Clair
Built in: 2016
Photo credit: Pierre Thibault

Rustic style is generally associated with warm colours and a busy decor. However, this does not mean that an interior design that revolves around the elements of nature cannot be full of light and finesse! Here is an example of a zen-inspired vacation home that pays tribute to nature by incorporating the most beautiful materials that come from the outdoors while maintaining a refined and minimalist look.

3) Chalet Forestier

Chalet Atelier Barda 01

Chalet Atelier Barda 02

Chalet Atelier Barda 03

Chalet Atelier Barda 04

Architecture firm: Atelier Barda 
Located in: Frelighsburg
Built in: 2013
Photo credit: Frédéric Bouchard, Yves Lefebvre, Kevin Botchar

Here is another example of a cottage where the layout is developed around large windows. After all, one of the main goals of spending time in a vacation home is to soak up the beauty of nature. Therefore, we want to benefit from a good amount of natural light and a beautiful view of the landscape. This cottage is more eclectic in its layout than the others presented above, and we know that the decor style and layout will appeal to many people. There is something of an "artist loft" element in the decor of this secondary home, which gives it a very pleasant atmosphere marked by creativity and playfulness.

4) Grand-pic chalet

Chalet Appareil Architecture 01

Chalet Appareil Architecture 02

Chalet Appareil Architecture 03

Chalet Appareil Architecture 04

Architecture firm: Appareil Architecture 
Located in: Austin
Built in: 2017
Photo credit: Félix Michaud

We're back to a more refined and contemporary type of layout. The main architectural appeal of this residence is the cathedral ceiling which gives the central room an impression of airiness and alludes to the typical height of trees. The concrete floor has been finished with a soft and slightly shiny patina to provide a texture that pleases both the eyes and the feet. The decor is fairly "no-frills", leaving all the limelight to the landscape.

5) Quintin Laberge Home

Chalet Blouin Orzes 01

Chalet Blouin Orzes 02

Chalet Blouin Orzes 03

Architecture firm: BlouinOrzes 
Located in: Canton d'Orford
Built in: 2016
Photo credit: BlouinOrzes

In this vacation home, the flora is the main focus both indoors and outdoors. The layout of the rooms lends itself to relaxation and leisure, offering beautiful hiding places for children aged 1 to 99 years old, with a nice open corridor where rooms are accessible through openings that are not hidden behind doors. The warm tinted wooden ceiling, present in several of the homes on this list, is particularly well integrated into this design.

6) Saint-Donat residence
Chalet Cardin Julien 01

Chalet Cardin Julien 02

Chalet Cardin Julien 03

Chalet Cardin Julien 04

Architecture firm: CardinJulien 
Located in: Saint-Donat
Built in: 2018
Photo credit: Olivier Blouin

The façade of this vacation home does not reveal anything about what is going on indoors. Indeed, although the exterior shell adopts a rather contemporary style, indoors, we find a decor that borrows many elements from a more traditional rustic style. It almost feels like you are in a log cabin and the call to meet around a fire at the end of the day becomes particularly enticing!

7) La Longue Vue residence

Chalet Bourgeois LeChasseur 01

Chalet Bourgeois LeChasseur 02

Chalet Bourgeois LeChasseur 03

Chalet Bourgeois LeChasseur 04

Architecture firm: Bourgeois Lechasseur 
Located in: Charlevoix
Built in: 2018
Photo credit: Adrien Williams

Here is a vacation home that, in addition to being beautiful, is designed to be functional and practical for ski lovers! Located in one of the most popular regions of Quebec for winter sports enthusiasts, this cottage offers a beautiful view and contemporary furnishings without being too cold and unwelcoming. The building itself is somewhat camouflaged in the mountains, making the nature that surrounds it the true star of the show. 

8) Beach cottage

Chalet La Shed 01

Chalet La Shed 02

Chalet La Shed 03

Chalet La Shed 04

Architecture firm: La Shed
Located in: Lanaudière
Built in: 2015
Photo credit: Maxime Brouillet

When you have a cottage on the edge of a magnificent lake like this one, you don't want to miss an opportunity to admire it at any time of the day! From the moment you wake up to the time you go to sleep, including moments of relaxation and mealtimes, the layout of this lakehouse makes it so that the occupants do not miss a single opportunity for beautiful views. The main room is designed like an urban loft, with high ceilings that are exploited by adding a mezzanine where you'll find a bed.

9) Longhouse

Chalet NDA architecture 01

Chalet NDA architecture 02

Chalet NDA architecture 03

Chalet NDA architecture 04

Architecture firm: Nathalie Dionne Architecture
Located in: Chertsey
Built in: 2006
Photo credit: Eric Piché

Who hasn't studied the concept of longhouses in history lessons? Inspired by architectural principles stemming from indigenous cultures, the longhouse is naturally warm and welcoming. This vacation home uses panoramic windows, an elegant combination of natural materials and subtle integrated lighting, therefore creating a space that is a true elegy to slow living!

10) The Chasse-Galerie

Chalet Thellend Fortin 01

Chalet Thellend Fortin 02

Chalet Thellend Fortin 03

Chalet Thellend Fortin 04

Architecture firm: ThellendFortin
Located in: St-Adolphe-d'Howard
Built in: 2011-2013
Photo credit: Olivier Samson Arcand

Who said that a cottage could not be elegant and sophisticated? Without adopting a style that is overly cold and pretentious, this residence has everything it takes to please lovers of design and architecture. The spaces are open while being adequately divided, allowing occupants to enjoy their privacy. As in all the other vacation homes presented on this list, the landscape is the center of attention and the entire layout of the residence is designed around it.

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