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10 pretty scandinavian houses to discover

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Last update : 2022-11-24 12:44:42

Are you looking for your next residence? Or maybe you just like looking at different house designs to pass the time? Either way, this article is for you!

Today, we invite you to discover several Scandinavian homes, inspired by the very particular style of northern countries. But before embarking on the discovery of the examples collected in this text, you must first know what a so-called "Scandinavian" house consists of.

What is a Scandinavian home?

If you're into decorating shows or interior design magazines, you've most likely come across this term.

Indeed, the Scandinavian style has many followers. Many are inspired by it to rework their interior decor. But this Nordic style can also be applied in the architecture of buildings. Here are some of its main characteristics:

  • Construction generally accompanied by an economic and ecological approach;
  • Simple, understated and minimalist appearance;
  • Enhancement of clean lines;
  • Environment exploiting the notions of warmth, softness and light;
  • Use of natural and easy-to-maintain materials (e.g.: stoneware, ceramic, brick, wicker, leather, wood). Wood is also often the star material.

Now that you know a little more about the characteristics of a Scandinavian house, which of these models will be your favourite?

Nordic-style houses: 10 models to discover

1. The Freya model

Scandinavian house: Freya

Credit: Norr

Everything about this house harkens back to the Scandinavian style, from its name inspired by the Nordic countries to the steep slopes of its roof. Its structure exploits straight lines with ease, while the cathedral ceiling accentuates the notion of interior space and adds an impressive touch of elegance.

The very contrasting tones of its wood cladding give character to the building. The terrace, placed above the garage, allows residents to extend the living area outside, summer and winter.

2. The Savukvartsi house

Nordic style home: Savukvartsi1

Nordic style home: Savukvartsi2

Nordic style home: Savukvartsi3

Credit: Honka

Built in non-settling planks, this magnificent residence was specially designed to accommodate three generations. Large rooms and minimalist decor are therefore highlighted in order to be able to reunite the family in a healthy and comfortable atmosphere.

Thanks to the judiciously-placed windows, natural light penetrates the interior of the home. Combined with the increased presence of real wood, on the walls and even the ceilings, it offers an atmosphere that is both serene and warm to residents.

3. The Arborescence condos

Scandinavian condo: Arborescence1

Scandinavian condo: Arborescence2

Credit: ABCP architecture

Located in the beautiful Bromont region, this complex offers condos inspired by Nordic aesthetics. It is also an ecological project, featuring materials from Quebec and aiming for LEED certification.

Ultimately, the various construction phases should include 280 living units. Residents will be able to enjoy an exceptional connection with the surrounding nature, in particular thanks to the presence of multiple large windows.

4. La Cime refuge

Scandinavian refuge

Credit: Novafilm, Boon Architecture

Isolated in the surrounding landscape, this habitat could only be inspired by the elements which surround it. The very pronounced triangular shape therefore blends perfectly with the nearby conifers.

The dark colour of its burnt wood coating allows it to stand out from the landscape during winter or to hide in the shade of summer.

5. The Shirley & Clyde House

Scandinavian home design 1

Scandinavian home design 2

Credit: GP architecte

Unlike most of the other models in this article, this pretty house with typical Scandinavian characteristics is not located in nature, but in an urban setting. It is undoubtedly the originality of the residential area in which it is located!

Despite its suburban environment, the house does not lose any of its charm and aesthetics. Here is the proof that this style of dwelling can be erected wonderfully anywhere.

6. Loki townhouses

Scandinavian townhouses Loki

Credit: Norr

If you're not into row houses (also known as 'townhouses'), these might just change your mind. Their impressive single-slope roofs break the regularity of the structure and blend in perfectly with the mountainous environment in which they are located.

Despite the contrast of the cladding materials, they form such a harmonious mix that the four dwellings appear rather as one. This is a great way to create a community spirit among neighbours.

7. The Lagom

Nordic style chalet 1

Nordic style chalet 2

Credit: Le Maelström

Inspired by glamping, this small Scandinavian chalet is the ideal place to escape and rest in any season. Ecological, it runs entirely on solar energy. In addition, its large bay windows allow occupants to make the most of natural light and a breathtaking panoramic view of the surrounding landscape.

8. The Oslo residence

New scandinavian home design1

New scandinavian home design2

New scandinavian home design3

Credit: Talo

This residence takes the Scandinavian style to another level, in particular thanks to the use of a concrete structure, which houses the entrance and the garage. The presence of dark wood on the exterior and dark accents on the interior provides a much more contemporary feel to the home. Despite everything, it retains the typical features of Nordic architecture, such as the sloping roof and the absence of ornamentation.

9. Habitat S1600

Buying a scandinavian house in Quebec

Credit: Alexandre Guilbeault, Para-sol

This is another example of Scandinavian housing with environmental considerations. Despite its spacious design, thought out to amplify the luminosity and the friendliness of the residents, the building complies with many energy-efficient principles that help to limit the costs associated with its operation. The construction was also structured around the use of materials with a low environmental footprint, to respect the surrounding environment as much as possible.

10. The villa boréale

Scandinavian villa 1

Scandinavian villa 2

Credit: Cargo Architecture

This Scandinavian chalet, which can also be described as a "modern barn", offers a decor that is both chic and rustic with clean lines. Raw-looking materials create a contrast that impresses the eye. The pale tones, with wood, concrete and various white elements, enhance the effect of the dark finish of steel and black wood.

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