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How much does a notary cost in Quebec?

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Last update : 2024-01-23 12:10:10

Real estate transactions, inheritance, wills, legal advice... The notary is a multi-talented expert who intervenes in a wide range of situations. But his expertise comes at a price!

In this article, we'll start by outlining some of the approximate amounts you'll need to pay the notary who will handle your case.

Please note that all prices in this article are for informational purposes only.

How much does a notary cost when buying a house?

A real estate transaction is a process that involves several key stages to ensure that everything runs smoothly for all parties involved. In addition to real estate agents, a number of other professionals are called upon to offer their services, including notaries.

Notaries play a very important role in real estate transactions, but their expertise is not free.

The amounts you pay include two different fees: the notary's fee and the administration fee.

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What are the notary fees?

For the purchase of a single-family home, there is a minimum fee of $1,200 in addition to transaction fees and applicable taxes. These fees are used to compensate the notary. Note that notary fees can vary from one professional to another, so it's important to compare quotes from multiple professionals.

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Additional fees

For other additional fees, the total amount payable will vary between $450 and $500, regardless of the value of the property. This amount is used to reimburse the expenses associated with processing your file. For example, the notary's fees for registering your file with the land registry.

Who pays notary fees when buying a house in Quebec?

Did you know that buyers and sellers pay different notary fees? While most fees are paid by the buyer, the seller may also be responsible for some costs.

What does the notary do during the transaction?

The notary's role is essential to ensure the validity of the documents involved in the transaction. The notary receives several documents from the real estate agent regarding the property, the buyer and the seller. For example, you'll need to provide the notary with the title deeds, the certificate of location, the municipal tax statements, and documents relating to the marital status of each party.


With these documents in hand, he will check for any irregularities to avoid potential problems that could complicate the transaction.

Next, the notary is called upon to cancel mortgages that are no longer valid, prepare new mortgages, send the documents to the financial institutions, etc.

Finally, the notary is also responsible for drawing up the deed of sale, publishing it in the Land Registry and having all the documents signed by the parties involved.

To learn more about the notary's role in the sale or purchase of a home, see What is the role of a notary in a real estate transaction?

Is it mandatory to use a notary for a real estate transaction?

In Quebec, the law requires that all real estate transaction documents be signed and validated by a notary public.

Who chooses the notary you work with?

In most cases, the buyer chooses the notary who will certify the transaction. Although the notary has a duty of neutrality, the buyer must ensure that he is well protected, especially in a transaction where he may owe a balance to the seller. The seller may also choose the notary if the object of sale is a new condominium project. There are other possible situations, but these are dealt with on a case by case basis.

In the rare case of a conflict of interest, the notary is obliged to inform the parties involved in the transaction. The seller and buyer can then decide whether they wish to use the services of another notary or whether they are prepared to sign the documents with full knowledge of the facts.

How much does a notarized will cost in Quebec?

The notarial will is one of the 3 types of wills recognized in Quebec, and is undoubtedly the most common. The cost of a notarial will can vary depending on the complexity of your case and the experience of your notary. However, you should expect to pay at least $300 for a simple will, or more if your situation is more complex.

Please note that the fees associated with preparing a notarized will include:

  • Clearly stating your wishes according to the standards required by law;
  • The safekeeping of your authentic will for the rest of your life;
  • The provision of a certified copy, if required;
  • Probate of the notarized deed.

By comparison, the cost of probating a non-notarized will is over $1,000!

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How much does a protection mandate cost?

You can also ask a notary to draw up a protection mandate, better known as a mandate of incapacity. This document allows you to decide who will look after you if something should happen to you.

It's possible to draw up a protection mandate yourself, free of charge. However, you will have to take into account additional costs related to the legalization of the mandate and the subsequent legal proceedings.

The fees for drawing up a notarized power of attorney can vary greatly from one notary to another. They can range from $200 to $1,000, depending on the complexity of the situation.

What are the fees of a succession in Quebec?

A succession is never an easy task. The legal obligations involved in the division of assets are numerous, and the executor is sometimes in a delicate situation. Then there are the many costs that can be incurred in settling an estate:

  • Is the deceased's will not probated? It will cost you more than $1,000 to have it probated.
  • A will search at the Chambre des notaires AND the Barreau du Québec, for less than $25 each.
  • The notary's fees for accepting or rejecting the succession, which can amount to several hundred dollars depending on the complexity of the case.

In the event of a refusal to accept the inheritance, the intervention of a notary is essential to ensure that you do not take any action that could be construed as tacit acceptance.

Why is it important to use the services of a notary?

Whatever your reason for contacting a notary, you should know that he is a public official who acts with complete impartiality and who must comply with a series of strict rules in order to obtain and maintain his title. Working with a notary is a guarantee that your project will be carried out in the best possible conditions and in accordance with current legislation.

Once again, please note that all prices quoted in this article are for information purposes only. For a detailed cost estimate, please contact your notary directly.

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