Dalia Milmantas, Immigration Consultant

3250 Bloor Street West Toronto, ON, M8X 2X9

As one of Canada's many immigrants, I understand the personal concerns of my clients and apply special care and attention in developing customized solutions and strategy for each applicant. I provide direct and straightforward consultation services, which at times maybe discouraging to some clients who are not prepared to face the reality. I prefer to inform my clients what can be done vs. trying to drag the services if I believe there is NO positive result to the client. Regardless of your circumstance and complexity of the issues, we are here to assist you and find the best strategy for your.

The Canadian immigration system is complex. The rules are constantly changing, and immigration officials have high expectations of applicants — expectations that, if you fail to meet them, could result in your application being rejected.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Dalia Milmantas, RCIC

  • Consultant en immigration
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